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La Petite Chatte

La Petite Chatte

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Capturing the essence of the rugged yet stylish cowboy aesthetic, our La Petite Chatte cowboy hat is an iconic symbol of the chic Western flair that has surged in popularity since Beyoncé's trailblazing "Cowboy Carter" album dropped in 2024. This isn't just any distressed cowboy hat; it's a conversation starter, a statement piece, a must-have accessory for anyone looking to channel their inner cowgirl or cowboy with sophistication and a touch of rebellion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, La Petite Chatte is a unique creation from Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute, a renowned woman-owned millinery nestled in the heart of New York City. This made-to-order marvel embodies the ethos of bespoke fashion, offering a personal touch that sets it apart from off-the-shelf accessories.

Available in distressed ivory and chocolate brown, the hat's structure boasts the classic cowboy silhouette with a contemporary twist—a slightly shorter crown than its sibling, the La Chatte cowboy hat, catering to diverse style preferences. Made from resilient Shantung straw, the hat promises durability and reliable sun protection, making it perfect for outdoor adventures and urban escapades.

In its ivory incarnation, the La Petite Chatte is intentionally distressed, evoking the nostalgia of a well-loved, time-honored piece that carries stories in its fibers. This deliberate weathering process adds character, making each hat unique and rich with imagined history.

The adornment on this straw cowboy hat is nothing short of striking. A distressed Grosgrain ribbon harmoniously intertwines with recycled sari silk, adding layers of texture and a whisper of worldly charm. Around the brim, a bold 6-inch strip of snakeskin makes an audacious statement, asserting a wild edge bound to turn heads. And, as a finishing touch, a single turkey feather, sustainably sourced from a Vermont turkey farm, proudly rests on the hat—a symbol of the spirit and freedom of the open range.

At Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute, we don't just create hats; we craft stories, build characters, and celebrate the individuality of our clients. So, tip your hat to the sun and step out confidently, knowing that your La Petite Chatte is not just an accessory but a testament to artful craftsmanship and timeless style.

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As a special gift to all of our customers, your hat will be shipped in a Cha Cha's House hat box, perfect for storing your new hat!



Open Road Style Crown, Cowboy Style Brim


Cowboy Hat


Shantung Straw


3.5" Crown and a 3.5" Wide Brim


• Store in hat box in cool, dry place
• Avoid getting your hat wet
• Handle by brim as much as possible


• Spot clean with a clean, soft tooth brush dipped in warm water
• Do not use soap or cleaning solution of any kind
• Email us if you have a tougher stain and we will do our best to help.

Shipping & Returns

Please note all hats are made to order and non-refundable. Shipping is free and hats ship in two weeks. For full terms + conditions, click here.

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  • Made in the USA

     All hats are made in NYC and are hand blocked on Cha Cha's collection of vintage and specially designed blocks. Cha Cha uses the finest quality straws and felts.

  • *Free Shipping

    Once shipped, expect delivery within the USA in 2-10 days.

    International delivery takes 10-20 days.

Custom Made vs. Made to Order

  • Custom Made

    Custom made hats are created with the client for a special occasion or holiday, horse racing events or just because. In this case we ask that you make an appointment to visit the studio either in person or virtually. We will discuss your needs, choose materials and trims and begin building your custom hat. If you are trying to match an outfit we ask that you provide a swatch. Prices for custom hats start at $650. Please visit the Custom Hats page for more information.

    We look forward to collaborating with you on your hat journey. 

  • Made to Order

    All hats on our website are made to order. Once you click buy we begin working on your hat. We order your materials and start gathering trims. You may notice slight variations in trim. This is due to availability, dye lot changes and of course feathers are each unique. You may notice something extra on your hat. Sometimes we get inspired and add an extra feather or a vintage pin that seems to fit just right on your hat. Especially if you are a repeat client and we have gotten to know your style. 

    Choosing your hat size is very important so we are sure to make a hat that will fit you well. Please visit the hat sizing guide for more information and tips on measuring your head if you are unsure of your head size.