Top Hats

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From Rock Stars to Royalty, Top Hats have always brought a certain cache to the wearer. Of course, Cha Cha's favorite Top Hat muse is Stevie Nicks, the poet queen and queen of going her own way. 

Top Hats require confidence and a playful spirit. They can be worn for formal occasions - Weddings, Horse Racing Events, etc. But the best time to wear a Top Hat is every day. We love seeing people wearing them for literally no reason other than it makes them feel good.

When you wear a top hat, you are telling the world: Let's have some fun today.

Wearing a top hat will definitely brighten your day and often the people you pass in the street will smile and heap on the compliments. So be bold and make your next hat a Top Hat. 

Have something else in mind?
We also make custom hats and would love to work with you to create a custom top hat.